This project uses CMakePresets to ensure an easy build. Find out more on Cmake Presets here:


You need to install

  • CMake

  • Ninja (for Linux builds). Be sure to Add ninja to your PATH!

How to build this project using cmake

The recommended way to build this project is to use the provided CMakePresets.json. This file contains 2 configurations

  • a windows (msvc) build using Visual Studio

  • a linux (gcc) build using Ninja

More configurations will be added once available.

Build with IDE

The recommend way for consuming CMakePresets is a CMakePresets aware IDE such as

  • VS 2022

  • VS Code

  • CLion

Simply load this project into your IDE and select your desired preset and you are good to go.

Build with CMake GUI

Open this project with CMake GUI and select your desired preset. When hitting the generate button, CMake will create solution files (for VS) or Ninja Files (for Linux Ninja Build)

The following targets are available.

  • lvgl (the actual library, required)

  • lvgl_thorvg (an vector grafics extension, optional)

  • lvgl_examples (example usages, optional)

  • lvgl_demos (some demos, optional)

All optional targets can be disabled by setting the proper cache variables. If you use cmake to install lvgl 3 folders will be created.

  • include/lvgl (contains all public headers)

  • bin (contains all binaries (*.dll))

  • lib (contains all precompiled source files (*.lib))

Build with Command line

You can also build your project using the command line. Run the follwoing commands

  • cmake --preset windows-base

  • cmake --build --preset windows-base_dbg

  • ctest --preset windows-base_dbg