Color wheel (lv_colorwheel)


As its name implies Color wheel allows the user to select a color. The Hue, Saturation and Value of the color can be selected separately.

Long pressing the object, the color wheel will change to the next parameter of the color (hue, saturation or value). A double click will reset the current parameter.

Parts and Styles

  • LV_PART_MAIN Only arc_width is used to set the width of the color wheel

  • LV_PART_KNOB A rectangle (or circle) drawn on the current value. It uses all the rectangle like style properties and padding to make it larger than the width of the arc.


Create a color wheel

lv_colorwheel_create(parent, knob_recolor) creates a new color wheel. With knob_recolor=true the knob's background color will be set to the current color.

Set color

The color can be set manually with lv_colorwheel_set_hue/saturation/value(colorwheel, x) or all at once with lv_colorwheel_set_hsv(colorwheel, hsv) or lv_colorwheel_set_color(colorwheel, rgb)

Color mode

The current color mode can be manually selected with lv_colorwheel_set_mode(colorwheel, LV_COLORWHEEL_MODE_HUE).

The color mode can be fixed (so as to not change with long press) using lv_colorwheel_set_mode_fixed(colorwheel, true)


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