Get startedΒΆ

There are several ways to get your feet wet with LVGL. Here is one recommended order of documents to read and things to play with when you are learning to use LVGL:

  1. Check the Online demos to see LVGL in action (3 minutes)

  2. Read the Introduction page of the documentation (5 minutes)

  3. Read the Quick overview page of the documentation (15 minutes)

  4. Set up a Simulator (10 minutes)

  5. Try out some Examples

  6. Port LVGL to a board. See the Porting guide or check the ready to use Projects

  7. Read the Overview page to get a better understanding of the library. (2-3 hours)

  8. Check the documentation of the Widgets to see their features and usage

  9. If you have questions got to the Forum

  10. Read the Contributing guide to see how you can help to improve LVGL (15 minutes)