typedef lv_color_t lv_grad_color_t
typedef struct _lv_gradient_cache_t lv_grad_t


void lv_gradient_color_calculate(const lv_grad_dsc_t *dsc, int32_t range, int32_t frac, lv_grad_color_t *color_out, lv_opa_t *opa_out)

Compute the color in the given gradient and fraction Gradient are specified in a virtual [0-255] range, so this function scales the virtual range to the given range

  • dsc -- The gradient descriptor to use

  • range -- The range to use in computation.

  • frac -- The current part used in the range. frac is in [0; range]

lv_grad_t *lv_gradient_get(const lv_grad_dsc_t *gradient, int32_t w, int32_t h)

Get a gradient cache from the given parameters

void lv_gradient_cleanup(lv_grad_t *grad)

Clean up the gradient item after it was get with lv_grad_get_from_cache.


grad -- pointer to a gradient

struct _lv_gradient_cache_t

Public Members

lv_color_t *color_map
lv_opa_t *opa_map
uint32_t size